Jon Robinette "The Mastic Man!"  - Your offical Bay Area expansion joint sealer

Mastic - Why you need it

  • Properly seal expansion joints
  • Protection from the elements ( i.e rain, freezing temps, insects)
  • Protection from settling 
  • Keep plant life from growing out of it and bugs from living in it
  • Beautifying the area
  • Prevent liability issues and building code violations

Most people think the spaces between their concrete deck is just that, spaces.  Not true, these are expansion joints there for a reason. For the expansion and contraction of the concrete.  Your concrete and pool can move, expand and contract for a variety of reasons. Water intrusion into the expansion joint can compromise the soil or underlying ground causing it to shift, settle or pop up. Extreme heat or cold can also cause your concrete to shift especially if water is in the joint.  You are also susceptible to shifts if you are located on a hillside or have unstable ground beneath.  Insects, such as ants, can nest in these joints and move a surprising amount of dirt from underneath your concrete, also cause settling and cracking. Expansion joints are necessary to allow your concrete slabs to move independently without cracking.  

These joints are generally filled with a pliable substance called mastic.  Sometimes the pool or deck installer puts in deck strips that are plastic pieces that are designed to be removed and filled with mastic, a step that is sometimes is forgotten.  Over time, the deck strips become brittle, will crack and become unsightly.  Mastic seals the joint so plants don't grow between the concrete deck slabs and beautifies the area.

You need to evaluate your pool area, concrete patios, walkways etc. to see if you have issues of compromise to the joints.  The mastic in these joints should generally be replaced about every 5 to 10 years depending on cracking, environmental exposure and various other factors.

Property managers for apartment buildings, public pools, malls, shopping centers as well as professional buildings should look into mastic against the buildings and in the walkways.  Deteriorating mastic is a liability issue and a building code violation.  Properly sealed expansion joints are critical for your high healed patrons where law suits can be brought from large cracks and twisted ankles.  Don't wait for an issue to arise. Take preventative action today!

Look to me for your mastic needs. I always use the highest quality products and back my work up with my customer satisfaction guarantee. I also offer many colors to choose from which allows a great match between colored concrete and the mastic.  Sanding the joint leaves a natural look that blends seamlessly with the concrete.

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