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Jon Robinette "The Mastic Man!"  - Your offical Bay Area expansion joint sealer
Mastic Basics

Jon Robinette "The Mastic Man!" is the bay areas leading professional for all your residential and commercial expansion joint and crack sealing needs.  Mastic is important because it seals the expansion joints and can prevent costly problems such as settling, cracking and copping stones coming loose (as a result of water intrusion) as well as beautifying the area. Deteriorating mastic can also be a liability issue and a building code violation. You should replace mastic if you see it pulling away from either side, weeds growing out of the crack or ants making a nest in there.  By keeping mastic up to date with high-quality product, you are protecting you investment and adding years to your pool and concrete life. 

What is mastic?

There are many types of Mastic but the two types we most commonly use are self leveling mastic and vertical mastic.  The self leveling mastic is a two part, pourable joint sealant.  Vertical mastic comes in a tube, is applied with a caulking gun and can be used to seal cantilever decks, steps and in between walls. Both types cure to a firm, flexible, tear-resistant rubber. It is highly resilient and has excellent recovery characteristics, even after extended periods of compression or elongation. It has outstanding resistance to most chemicals, to all weather conditions, aging, and shrinkage. Jon Robinette "The Mastic Man!" primarily uses Sikaflex high performance construction sealants and WR Meadows Deck-O-Seal joint sealants. There are a wide variety of colors available to go with any style and color of concrete. 

Where should mastic be installed?

Mastic can be installed in a variety of residential and commercial places.  Most commonly, it is installed on pool decks (in between copping stones and the concrete pool deck) and in between two large independent pieces of concrete on walkways and concrete patios.  It can also be installed in driveways, walkways, parking lots, around buildings, steps, planters, fountains, anywhere two different pieces of concrete meet or where a natural crack or separation has occurred.   

Mastic Installation:

Most residential pools are, on average, about 100 linear feet. Old mastic can usually be riped out and replaced in one day. We only use hand tools to remove the old mastic to limit damage to the surrounding areas and to ensure we get a nice clean surface for the new mastic to adhere to. After the installation, it is important to keep pets and people off of the area, as well keep the area dry for a day to allow the product to properly set up. We work with your schedule to do the installation on a convenient day for you 

By keeping mastic up to date with high quality product, you are protecting your investment and adding years to your pool and concrete life.

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